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Monster Magnets
Monster Magnets

A monstrous team!


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Each of these little monsters is weirder than the next! We highly recommend adopting them, you’ll have so much fun using them to stick up your love letters or kids’ class photo or latest artwork on the fridge. The Monster Magnets are inseparable and together they form a team that will perfectly decorate your magnetic surfaces. But that’s not all…

They are also professional fridge bandits. You better watch out – you don’t want to leave them unsupervised for too long! This magnet team is made up of three monsters: the brains of the operation who always keeps his eyes on the pies, boasting the message in French “agent secret” (secret agent); a little purple fuzzball who may be a sandwich short of a picnic but is happy all the time, hence his message in French “moi j’suis content” (I’m a happy chappy); and finally a walking stomach who only ever thinks about food and proudly displays the message in French “vivre pour manger” (I live to eat). All in all, a monstrous dream team!




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