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3D paper red panda
3D paper red panda



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What’s cuter than a panda? A little paper red panda of course! Let us introduce him:

straight from the Himalayas, the internet’s favorite panda is a little ball of energy. He practices martial arts and is the Don Corleone of the dojo. But don’t worry, paper folding is enough to hold him in place. This master of kung fu also practices the art of origami.

If he bristles up then you’ll know he’s in a bad mood so give him a friendly smile. If that’s not enough, then a blast of Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas should immediately enchant him and keep him in position.

You’ll see, his sweet little face will fill you with joy and his fire-colored fur will add some warmth to your interior.

That being said, all that remains is for you to make this paper red panda your new life partner.


Assemble this paper panda yourself and hang him up easily thanks to the hole in the rigid card base. A single nail is all you need to keep him on the wall!

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